Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Playin' Games.

I would feel guilty if I didn't share my passion for these games with you.  Being the social butterflies Josh and I are, we are always hanging out with the many friends we have. ;) And as much fun as it is hanging out and being cool, sometimes you need a little more excitement in your lives.  You know, for those winter nights (that should soon be non-existent).  

The Game of Things is a fun one for people that you know pretty well.  Basically, you pick a card, something along the lines of "something you would never say to your in-laws"... everybody writes down the FIRST thing that comes to mind.  One person (the person switches each round) reads off all of the answers, and the person who correctly guesses who's response was which answer the most, wins that round!  If my instructions don't make sense- feel free to look it up (:

As for Cards Against Humanity, it's basically like an adult version for Apples to Apples.  I've always liked Apples to Apples, but Cards Against Humanity is 100x better- in my opinion.  I feel like you get to be a little more creative in this game.  There are cards that have you play 2-3 of your hand to make a phrase and that's when things get spicy.  

(You may have to take out a few cards that you feel are 'inappropriate'.  You have been warned.)

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Unfortunately, the life of a student isn't TOO exciting... that is why I am having a hard time finding interesting material to put on this lovely blog!  Although I have an exciting spouse and friends, we still have to be responsible and "do work son."  Something that has brought a little excitement is being on an indoor soccer team (they call it futsal, here at BYU-I, don't ask) and now a dodgeball team!  Oh, and Josh was on a hockey team... of which I give him a hard time for because he didn't invite me to be on the team when I invited him to be on my futsal and dodgeball team ;)  Despite that little tidbit, I wish I could post a bunch of pictures of us in action, but that would require a professional photographer and we, unfortunately, do not have one.  But we DO have pictures from our last game!

For hockey, Josh had a bunch of Canadians on his team... so naturally... they won the league.  Maybe I'm a little biased towards Canadians though!  And although I could have taken pictures while I watched his games (because I WASN'T on the team...), an iphone can only take such quality, action shots.  But a victory picture will be enough, right?!

I think Josh is flexing in this picture.... 

Congrats, Snipers! Here is the shirt that Josh won.  I told him to get an XL because I want to sleep in it.  Apparently they don't make XL shirts for winners- that's a little stereotypical, don't you think?  Either way, Josh thinks it's embarrassing to wear them.  He's just too cool.  

Our team was on the beginner league and we were the EPITOME of a beginner's team.  The first team we played whopped our butts.  The score was something along the lines of 11-3.  After that game they were moved up to the intermediate league because they obviously knew how to play soccer!  I realized, after playing a team that absolutely knew what they were doing and had tons of experience, that I have a big problem with teams that play down a league!  They were the type of people that like taking candy from a baby. I didn't know people actually felt satisfaction from playing other teams who have no clue what they're doing, later to win the league.  Really?! Sorry, I'm just venting at this point.  I hope somebody understands my frustrations though! haha.  

Anyways, our team got better each game we played- which made me super happy!  The next game we lost, but we won the next 5!  Then once we got to quarter finals we lost against a team that I was surprised that didn't get moved up to the intermediate league.  I mean, if you're doing bicycle shots and making them, doesn't that mean you're sort of not a beginner?  I don't know, maybe that's just my thought.  

Anyways, they were very pushy which made me very frustrated.  One kid ran into me and linked arms with me (maybe on accident) and kept on running.  Of course, at this point, I had no control and was stuck on him.  Before I knew it the the kid started yelling at me!  Full on YELLED.  Temper tantrum, more like it.  He said "GET OFF OF ME, STOP IT, STOP IT!" I couldn't help but chuckle.  I felt like 1. He was taking it wayyy too seriously 2. He was trying to pin the blame on me and 3. He was trying to get me a yellowcard!

I couldn't believe how dirty he was playing; and in a beginners league, at that.  So the ref stopped the game and started yelling at me!  As if I wasn't embarrassed enough by the kid's tantrum.  Then the ref yelled a little at him.  And although I know life is unfair, in the moment it's hard to remember this, so I was livid!  Of course, I didn't react to the ref, or else I would get in trouble... but I did call the guy a baby. I know, I know, real mature, Lacey.  I was honestly stupefied by his behavior though!  No one deserves to be called names, and it doesn't make the situation better, but maybe it made me feel a little better at the time.....? Confessions of a beginner soccer player.  

But I must brag a little bit.  The first time Josh let me use his shin guards, I was on FIRE! I felt invincible.  I owe all of my goals to those shin guards.  I made a goal! With my HEAD! On purpose!  Fake it till you make it, right?  It's worked for me so far.  I recommend it.

Here is a picture of us at our last game- we put up a good fight to the "not so beginner" team.  (I hope that doesn't come off too bitter :)

Because smiling is boring....

As for dodgeball, this story will remain to be continued.......