Sunday, June 16, 2013

Josh's Birthday!

Well, as we all know, Josh's birthday was on the 2nd of this month and you all probably thought I was a not doing my duty as wife because I didn't post anything about the big day!  WRONG.

Since his birthday was on a Sunday, we went to dinner the night before to a new place that we've wanted to try out... The Hickory!

Here's some awesome pictures with our awesome friends.

Top Left: We ran into Seth and Jaya Jones!  ...They have no clue this picture is up. Muah ha ha.

Top Right: Brian and Brittney Tait

Bottom Left: Nathan and Shelbee Keller

Bottom Right: Pretty much the most attractive couple ever

You may wonder why there's more photos of Brittney, rather than Josh... it is called Musson Mayhem, right?  To answer this ever so prevalent inquiry- boys= don't like photos, girls= do like photos.  Plus, Brittney's so photogenic, I'd rather have her up there than me ;)

The photo that looks like Brittney is farting is actually her knocking over one of the pans on the wall.  The whole restaurant stopped and looked, no kidding.. it got really quiet.  They probably thought we were really immature- but we didn't mean to! Here's proof she knocked it over.

Let us finish off the night with a wonderful group photo:

For the remainder of the night we played games and no one had room for my tremendously amazing ice cream cake ):  It's okay, it lasted for the next couple weeks...

As for the next day, his ACTUAL birthday, he woke up to this basket of beauty:

So I know it's not much because:
1. Anyone can pick out someone's favorite candy/drink
2. I didn't get him anything original
3. He goes and finds something off amazon that he wants anyways

But to my defense (not like anyone's on the offense) Josh has been studying for the MCAT and has been buying monsters to stay awake every day!  So, I figured I would buy him something that he needed most at the time... CAFFEINE!  He takes the test this week... so wish him luck! (:

Aside from opening his present, I made his favorite breakfast (crepes with lots of chocolate) and we went off to church!  I prepared and perfectly executed our lesson, as another little present to him, then came home while I anxiously awaited for his surprise birthday party to start!

I was so awkward.  I forgot to give Brittney a few things for the party so I inconspicuously slid things into my purse like measuring cups, tongs, chips, and ketchup.  I pretty much knew Josh knew I was up to no good because I lied so many different times. It's definitely true when you tell a lie, they get so intertwined that you can't remember where you started! ): Josh said it's a good thing I can't lie.

Anyways, we headed to the park and all of his friends were there! I felt like a proud mama.  Enough talk- more pictures!

                                                                                                                                Photobombing at it's finest

At the end, we played a successful game of kickball.

Just the last thing I'd like to say... Not to be all sappy, but last year Josh and I were apart for our birthdays because he was in Yellowknife, Canada aka: the middle of nowhere, while I was home in San Diego, working.  It was such a blessing to celebrate his birthday, not only married, but together! Yay for birthday celebrations! 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

That Moment When....

Holy cannoli, guys!  This semester is CRAZY.  Anybody else feel like 24 hours is not enough time in the day?  As we speak, I should be writing a paper.. but am I? No.  And I will not until the night before it is due.  Why?  Because documenting the Musson Family's life is too important to pass up!  

Anyways, this post is about that moment when you realize something, something occurs way to frequently, etc.  If that doesn't make sense, read on.. Hopefully it will be comprehensible by the end.

That moment when you write in Spanish, hoping you phrased what you're trying to say correctly, feeling proud of yourself, then your husband can't understand it.  Mixed feelings.

That moment when a doh doh bird (neighbor) living below you activates the fire alarm an hour before church when you still have to do your hair.  Evacuate?  Ain't nobody got time fo that!

That moment when you think you made your husband REALLY mad because he leaves the house without telling you.... then comes back with flowers (: well played Josh, well played.

That moment when you make deep fried oreos and your husband thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread.

That moment when you don't try to do your hair because it doesn't matter but it looks cooler than when you try to do it when it does matter.  Follow?

That moment when your husband's tired of bringing all the assignments you forget to class... so he gets you this.  So precious.

That moment when your friends in the backseat get caught making out..... Awkward.....

That moment when your BFF gets a salad at a buffet and you feel obligated to do so, as well.

That moment when your friend doesn't beat the high score so just to make sure, three people each take a shark and go at it.

That moment when you're paler than sin.  Just kidding, when you play the little claw game and realize there's such thing as individually wrapped jelly beans.  At least give me a good color, dangit!

That moment when your friends are so sexy you just don't know how to handle yourself.

 That moment when your husband doesn't like to finish the last tenth of the bottles.  So you feel obligated... to do nothing about it.