Monday, November 11, 2013

Tender Mercies

For those of you who have taken the Praxis tests or anything similar to become a teacher, you know that the tests aren't too difficult.  But it is one thing: expensive. At least, for a college student.  The price of these tests stressed me out so much instead of the content- which is typically what stresses me out.  I'm not sure about you, but when I get stressed, I become sick.  Everything I ate for the few days before the test made me nauseous- I certainly wasn't excited to take the test in fear that I would fail and have to pay another couple hundred dollars!   

Now that I have made myself look like a complete wussy, IT GETS WORSE! At least, that's the way my head made it to seem... ;) During the test, there was a glitch.  I was unable to see my past answers so I had taken about 75 questions in less than 30 minutes.  Many people would say that that's not a big deal, but it is to me!  I'm the type of person that breezes through the questions at first look, then go back to carefully review each question.  People say they don't go back to look at their questions because they might second guess themselves, but I do it because I have horrible reading comprehension.  I go back just to insure I read the problem correctly!

The fact that I couldn't go back and look at my questions scared me to death.  I had a writing portion after that it immediately took me to.  I wasn't sure if I should take all the time I had left to make sure I perfected my writing portion, or if I would be able to see my questions after I finished writing.  If I picked the first, maybe it could cancel out how fast/horribly I did on the multiple choice, but at the same time, what if I sped through the writing portion too and wasn't able to go back to my questions?!  I was definitely psyching myself out!  For good reason though... right?

I decided to take my time on the writing portion because I was sure that was the only thing that would save my butt on the test.  For the weeks after the test, I told myself it would be a MIRACLE if I passed; I was sure I failed.

I opened my score today and discovered that I PASSED!!!!! The kicker is, I got a 154- which is the cut off for passing.  I am definitely not proud of the score, since I try my best to DO my best.  Before opening my score, I told myself that as long as I passed, that's all I needed and that I would be the happiest girl in the world!  And it's true, I am, and here's why:

Before my test I prayed that I would do my best, as I do with every test.  As long as I do my best- that's all that matters!  Although I feel that I definitely didn't do my best due to the glitch, I think this borderline score shows that my Heavenly Father cares for me.  One more point and I would have thought "Good job, Lacey- you did it!", giving myself the credit for passing.  But with that one less point I think "Thank you, Heavenly Father, for doing the rest for me."  Receiving the lowest passing score humbled me and made me realize that my Heavenly Father cares for me- no matter how insignificant the things I pray for may be.

You might say, "Lacey, calm down... it's just a test."  But there are so many factors that make this test so important.  Moving next year, finances, student teaching... either way, I am thankful for things like this that humble me and make me more grateful.  This is one less thing that I have to worry about and I know it's because I put trust in the Lord. 

I'm sorry if this comes off too sappy, but if you get anything out of this, it would be to try to realize the great things that happen to you!  In the midst of getting down about my score, I stopped and remembered what I said to myself about how much of a miracle it would be if I passed- and I did! I can't go back on that.

Friday, November 8, 2013


I'm not sure if you noticed, but Josh and I are sort of a big deal... See, we're both in a movie- two separate ones, actually.

Okay fine, I'll cut the act. We had to make a short movie for our Health and Wellness class.  Fortunately for you, I will post both of them.  I say that you are fortunate because you get to see Josh in his natural habitat- JAZZERCISING.  We were randomly placed in groups- Josh got an all-girl group, while I got an all-boy group.  Not like that matters.  Our assignment was to make a 5 minute video on how to be "well." In our class, we have learned that there are 5 areas that we should be well in to be an overall happy and healthy person.  These areas are spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social.

Without further a due, here's Josh's:

His video is on I don't know how to download it to this page, but it works well this way!

And here's my group's video, conveniently on youtube... ;) 

May I add that this was THE best experience I have ever had with group work... Our assignment was due Oct. 30th, and we were done 2 weeks early.  Since when does that EVER happen?! Either way, I am so grateful that I had a good group where people equally contributed to the work load (:

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Eleven Little Things....

Alright, I am going to make a new goal for myself to make the first post of each month related to the number of that month and the holiday it is known for.  Does that make sense? I guess each month you'll just have to follow along to see what I'm talking about (;

Since November is the eleventh month of the year, I would like to express eleven things I am grateful for.

1. People who genuinely care and influence me to do better.

These are my lovely bridesmaids (: I think this picture is a perfect representation of what I'm thankful for because it has my sisters and friends all in one shot.  Friends and family are typically the ones that care for me and influence me to do better, but there are people that have a great influence on me that don't even know it; my goal is to be one of those people for others.

2. A healthy body that allows me to go to the gym each day.

I'm such a dope- why did I take this picture?  I don't know... maybe because I want proof that I go since I'm not one of those people that tell facebook every time?! haha I'm so mean.  Anyways, I am thankful that I am healthy!  Josh and I have this thing between us where we've decided that he's the "physical" leader and I'm the "spiritual" leader.  Of course, positions are not set in stone, but that is typically our domain ;)  Even on those days that I'm just not feelin' like going to the gym- he gets me there! And those days that he's too tired to read, I read. It works out great!

3. Living in a nation where education is readily available.

I feel so grateful for coming from not only the U.S., but a community that emphasized the importance of education.  The possibility of not going to college wasn't even an option.  Some may disagree, and that's fine, but personally I am thankful that I grew up in a place that education was the main emphasis for success.

4. Having the freedom to worship however I may.

The church is everything to me.  I'm so thankful that I can attend the temple whenever I please and openly talk to others about what I believe in.

5. Somebody to share forever with.

Yay for husbands!! I don't want to get obnoxious, but he's so great! I could go on forever about how lucky I am, but I shall spare thee.

6. Family who has and always will encourage me in all my endeavors.

No matter how much of a pill I was for my family, they always supported me!  Whether it was attending sporting events, or school activities- my family supported me and still does.

7. A sense of humor to not easily get offended.

 Of course, from time to time, I get offended.  It's hard not to sometimes.  But I am always making an effort to brush it off and give people the benefit of the doubt.  I've found that when I do this- I am much, much happier.

8. Common sense to help me with every decision.

I know it's not good to compare myself to others- but in my classes, I am amazed with how many people ask questions that deal with common sense.  They ask teachers questions that I think is a silly question, but realize that maybe it's a lack of common sense?  I hope this doesn't sound rude.  But either way- I am grateful for common sense! (:

9. Being exposed to several different cultures from different countries.

It definitely helps that my dad is from Brasil, but also helps that my parents' idea of family bonding was through traveling.  I'm sure while growing up, people thought we were spoiled rotten but what I'm sure they did not realize was how frugal we lived.  

10. Diversity: whether it be seasons, people, thoughts, or beliefs.

How boring would everything be if everything was the same?  Each night, there is a different sunset, just waiting for us to enjoy!  Also, while there's two sides to every coin, I love hearing people's differing perspectives, experiences, and ideas on whatever it may be.  Finally, the diversity among the earth is beautiful. Mountains, oceans, forests, and so forth- no matter where you go, you're bound to have beauty all around you.

11. Determination to become better each day.

I believe everybody's born with different natures.  I am grateful that I have the desire to be a better person each day.  Without this determination, I do not think I would be a very happy person.  As you can tell by this picture, I have come a long way from a confused child to a lucid adult.