Friday, November 8, 2013


I'm not sure if you noticed, but Josh and I are sort of a big deal... See, we're both in a movie- two separate ones, actually.

Okay fine, I'll cut the act. We had to make a short movie for our Health and Wellness class.  Fortunately for you, I will post both of them.  I say that you are fortunate because you get to see Josh in his natural habitat- JAZZERCISING.  We were randomly placed in groups- Josh got an all-girl group, while I got an all-boy group.  Not like that matters.  Our assignment was to make a 5 minute video on how to be "well." In our class, we have learned that there are 5 areas that we should be well in to be an overall happy and healthy person.  These areas are spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social.

Without further a due, here's Josh's:

His video is on I don't know how to download it to this page, but it works well this way!

And here's my group's video, conveniently on youtube... ;) 

May I add that this was THE best experience I have ever had with group work... Our assignment was due Oct. 30th, and we were done 2 weeks early.  Since when does that EVER happen?! Either way, I am so grateful that I had a good group where people equally contributed to the work load (:

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