Saturday, June 1, 2013

That Moment When....

Holy cannoli, guys!  This semester is CRAZY.  Anybody else feel like 24 hours is not enough time in the day?  As we speak, I should be writing a paper.. but am I? No.  And I will not until the night before it is due.  Why?  Because documenting the Musson Family's life is too important to pass up!  

Anyways, this post is about that moment when you realize something, something occurs way to frequently, etc.  If that doesn't make sense, read on.. Hopefully it will be comprehensible by the end.

That moment when you write in Spanish, hoping you phrased what you're trying to say correctly, feeling proud of yourself, then your husband can't understand it.  Mixed feelings.

That moment when a doh doh bird (neighbor) living below you activates the fire alarm an hour before church when you still have to do your hair.  Evacuate?  Ain't nobody got time fo that!

That moment when you think you made your husband REALLY mad because he leaves the house without telling you.... then comes back with flowers (: well played Josh, well played.

That moment when you make deep fried oreos and your husband thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread.

That moment when you don't try to do your hair because it doesn't matter but it looks cooler than when you try to do it when it does matter.  Follow?

That moment when your husband's tired of bringing all the assignments you forget to class... so he gets you this.  So precious.

That moment when your friends in the backseat get caught making out..... Awkward.....

That moment when your BFF gets a salad at a buffet and you feel obligated to do so, as well.

That moment when your friend doesn't beat the high score so just to make sure, three people each take a shark and go at it.

That moment when you're paler than sin.  Just kidding, when you play the little claw game and realize there's such thing as individually wrapped jelly beans.  At least give me a good color, dangit!

That moment when your friends are so sexy you just don't know how to handle yourself.

 That moment when your husband doesn't like to finish the last tenth of the bottles.  So you feel obligated... to do nothing about it.

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  1. Oh I love this post!!! I can't stop smiling. I love Josh's face when he is eating the oreos. They look good. I love your face when you get one green jelly bean. This whole post is just so adorable. And Josh has been leaving the last tenth in his bottle forever. Sorry I should have told you that before. His dad does it too. Keep on posting!!