Saturday, May 4, 2013


You know your spouse loves you when you let them cut your hair.  Josh doesn't let me cut his hair.  Hence, we can assume he doesn't... trust me.  I guess he has a good reason not to- only about a month after we were married, I tried to give him a haircut.  The end product looked as if little elves took their lawn mowers of all different sizes and walked across his head.  BUT I must say, they were straight lines.  I'll give the elves that.  Ever since, Josh hasn't let me come close to his hair with a pair of scissors (yes, he insists that his hair looks better cut with scissors, not clippers ;)

So, I figured since I have NEVER had a haircut I was satisfied with (the last time, the woman gave me an A-line.... I have long hair....) I'd let Josh take a shot at it.  He could either try his best, or get me back for that horrible haircut.  I know he loves me because he chose the first.  Plus, every man knows what happens when he does something to his wife that she does not approve of.... We are VERY good at remembering things! Haha despite this, Josh did a wonderful job.  Wouldn't you say?!     

A few notes:
1. Bathroom lighting is HORRIBLE.  I don't know how girls take pictures in the mirror and they turn out normal. 
2. I didn't properly brush my hair in the "after" picture, so please don't be worried that part of my hair looks botched.

Back of the hair:

Front of the hair:


Once again, my camera likes to change the color of my hair.  Not too sure what's going on... but I will learn how to use my camera, one day.

Oh, and I know you were all hoping for glamor shots. Unfortunately, Josh is not a photographer extraordinaire.  He can only do so much, people!  

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  1. You are one brave girl letting him do that. But it looks like he did a good job. Way to go son!! And Lacey don't feel bad, I use to cut his hair too and he didn't always like it.