Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Playin' Games.

I would feel guilty if I didn't share my passion for these games with you.  Being the social butterflies Josh and I are, we are always hanging out with the many friends we have. ;) And as much fun as it is hanging out and being cool, sometimes you need a little more excitement in your lives.  You know, for those winter nights (that should soon be non-existent).  

The Game of Things is a fun one for people that you know pretty well.  Basically, you pick a card, something along the lines of "something you would never say to your in-laws"... everybody writes down the FIRST thing that comes to mind.  One person (the person switches each round) reads off all of the answers, and the person who correctly guesses who's response was which answer the most, wins that round!  If my instructions don't make sense- feel free to look it up (:

As for Cards Against Humanity, it's basically like an adult version for Apples to Apples.  I've always liked Apples to Apples, but Cards Against Humanity is 100x better- in my opinion.  I feel like you get to be a little more creative in this game.  There are cards that have you play 2-3 of your hand to make a phrase and that's when things get spicy.  

(You may have to take out a few cards that you feel are 'inappropriate'.  You have been warned.)

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