Friday, April 11, 2014


FINALLY! After attending 4 years at BYU-Idaho, I've at last graduated!  Josh technically graduates after this coming Fall because he has three online classes to take.  We're excited to move onto this new chapter in our lives that has been awaited for so long!

Today was a splendid day, we started it off attending the Rexburg temple to do some work for our family.  It was a fantastic experience all being together in the temple and accomplishing some work that we've been waiting to do all together.  We then went out to dinner and came back to the apartment to start packing!

We cleaned and cleaned until we outcleaned Cinderella- then went to take some pictures!  First spot- BYU-Idaho sign.  It was SO incredibly windy since 1) we were at the top of a hill and 2) it's Rexburg.  Here's some photos that show how ridiculous the wind is here in Rexburg, Idaho.

Then, after the slightly disastrous shoot- we moved to a location I've wanted to take pictures at for quite some time!

 The ONLY picture of us four... in case you were wondering why I chose one with Josh's eyes closed!  But don't worry- he still looks super fine.

And can you believe superwoman, aka: Jacquie, Josh's sister, came to Rexburg with THREE kids all by herself?!  Mother of the year award goes to this woman.  And she still looks great- how does she do it?

And here's some (not so pretty) photos from later that day at graduation...

 Harper was telling me secrets after the graduation ceremony.

As you can tell, I love my nieces and nephews dearly because I posted these horrible pictures of myself since they're so cute.  Harper loves playing with my hair and Cy's face was too adorable not to post.

Ray was so tired after the ceremony- he had a long day!  Josh tried to rock him to sleep but he was too cranky.  So, Josh put Ray down and he started to go to sleep on the ground. 

All in all- graduation day was perfect! We started out the day at the temple, my family helped tremendously with the packing and cleaning, we ate a delicious dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe (I always beg Josh to eat there), and we got to spend time with both sides of the family!  It's weird that I'm no longer a college student but I'm excited to see what's in store for the future (:

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