Saturday, December 29, 2012


     Alright.  Who wants the burrito hook ups in San Diego?  I've always loved Mexican food, but didn't know somebody could love it as much as Josh does.  He's been in San Diego a total of less than 3 months and already knows the ropes with every Mexican restaurant.  We know which restaurants have a salsa bar (which includes carrots, cucumbers, and/or onions & cilantro), the size of the burrito, and the price. 

     So, here's the scoop.  I've come up with a list of Mexican restaurants with the essential information.  These are solely based on burritos; mainly California burritos (Josh's favorite). For those of you who are unfamiliar with a CA burrito, it includes: carne asada (beef) or pollo asado (chicken), cheese, guacamole, sour cream, salsa fresca, and FRIES.  Yes, this might sound weird. But it is delicious and make your taste buds tingle.

Cotijas: (Penasquitos)
Type: California
Burrito Size-Large
Price- $6.35
Deliciousness- Bueno!


This is the best picture I can ever get with Josh and his burrito... smiling pictures are out of the question!

MXN: (Penasquitos/Mira Mesa)
Type: California
Burrito Size- Small/Med. (skinny, but long)
Deliciousness- pretty good

Cotixan: (Mira Mesa/Poway)
Type: California
Burrito Size- Large
Deliciousness- fantastic!

 El Patron: (Mira Mesa)
Type: Grande
Burrito Size- HUGE, the size of two burritos for the same price!
Price- $6.10
Deliciousness- DELICIOUS

Sombrero: (Carmel Mountain/Scripps Ranch)
Type: California
Burrito Size- Med./Large
Price- $5.15
Deliciousness- Bueno! 

Gualbertos: (Clairemont)
Type: California
Burrito Size- Large
Price- $5.10
Deliciousness- DELISH


*Prices may have varied over time


  1. I love these burritos!!! I didn't think I would with the fries in them, but they are yummy. I'm sure they are not so good for your health though. LOL I have the best picture of the two of you trying to eat one of the largest burritos I have ever seen.

  2. yummmm. so many burritos! Makes me definitely miss San Diego. Lucky that your husband loves em too!