Saturday, December 22, 2012

Poinsettia Bowl: Aztecs vs. Cougars

Pre-game excitement.

Down by the field.... we were impressed by our seats!

The happy couple... Mr. & Mrs. Hamrick

Yes, mother is wearing both RED and BLUE... She technically went to both schools, so she is excused for wearing both colors.

Cosmo's a superstar!  

Oh, and the final score, of course!

Although my allegiance is to BYU, I still respect and love the San Diego Aztecs (:  So, well done SD, well done.

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  1. Oh Josh, Lacey, Anna and Wayne you are so lucky to have been at that game. I wish I had been there with you. And I have to say, I would be voting for BYU all the way!! Way to go cougars!! Thanks for sharing your night with us.