Friday, December 21, 2012

How to Make a Thrifty Gift Basket!

      Alright, who out there is having a hard time figuring out what to get your siblings, parents, significant other, or In-laws?  I'm not the best at knowing what someone would want, especially someone who you didn't grow up with!  But, there is something that we do know- people LOVE gift baskets.  Sometimes, it doesn't even matter what's inside of them- they're just, fun.  Along with this, people typically enjoy receiving something that they 1) love 2) wouldn't buy for themselves.  This is mainly because we often talk ourselves out of buying that new pair of comfy socks or extra bottle of nail polish because we already have a dozen.  But who says we don't want more!?

Here is a simple guide to making a classy, yet under $20 gift basket:

First, just like any recipe book, we need a picture!

This is the ultimate "spa day" package.  You can doll up your gift basket however you'd like.  Being college students, Josh and I found that going a more affordable way would work best with basket. 

The items include:
  • bath crystals 
  • soap rose pedals
  • candles 
  • favorite candies
  • soap bar
  • lotion
  • bath scrubby
  • filer, tweezers, nail clippers, toe separators, cuticle pusher
  • nail polish
  • comfy socks
  • gum
  • decorative sea shells

If your budget allows for some more elaborate gifts, feel free to include:
  • giftcards for a massage
  • head massager
  • foot warmers
  • slippers
  • sleeping mask
  • face masks

Don't be afraid to get creative!

1. The dollar store is your BEST FRIEND.  If you buy something that may look cheaply presented, feel free to take it out of the wrapper and tie the items together with a cute ribbon!  But, something you must be aware of, you don't want the item to look used so insure it still looks classy- however you put the item together

2.  Favorite candies are necessity.  What girl DOESN'T like chocolate?  Or at least have a favorite candy?  Ask someone that you know would know the gift receiver's favorite candy.  This person must be 1) reliable and 2) will not tell the gift receiver anything!!!!

3.  There are things in your VERY home that you may have received or bought that have not been touched.  And face it, you're 99% sure you'll never use that item.  Don't be ashamed, what may be one's 'trash' could be another's treasure!

4.  Make sure there is some type of theme to your basket.  I definitely wanted to make this basket a spa-themed gift.  This is for my husband's sister.  She's an angle and does everything for her family... she deserves something JUST for her!  Hence, a spa day (:

5.  Color coordinate!  Not only is it fun to do, but it is pleasing to the eye!  I tried to get as many items from the blue palette as I could find... The only thing that could be difficult with finding items of the same color is the scent of the item or if the gift receiver will actually like it!  Always keep the person in mind- even if it goes well in the basket to make it look 'pretty', doesn't mean that it should go in.  

6.  To add dimension to your basket, place something under certain items so that they don't get swallowed up in the bundle!  Items in the back are on bunches of tissue paper.  I used this instead of small boxes, which are usually used in larger baskets.

7.  Having trouble finding a basket?  Places that are great for affordable baskets include: Marshalls, Ross, thrift stores, Walmart, TJ Maxx, and more!  

Other themes could include:
  • Goodies (ei. chocolate, nuts, spicy foods, popcorn, delicious beverages- hot chocolate, favorite Gatorade...)
  • Baby Shower (ei. blankets, toys, books, bottles, clothes, wipes, DIAPERS, binkies...)
  • Date night (ei. movie tickets, popcorn packages with candy, giftcard to a restaurant, dvd...)
  • Manly Man (flashlight, pen, book, pocketknife, tools- pretty cliche, I know... Also, favorite goodies that will literally take up the whole basket...)
  • Vacation (beach towels, sunblock, magazines, water, beach ball, paddles, floaties, volleyball...)
  • Picnic (blanket, basket- could be what the items are already in, drinks, goodies, utensils, frisbee, bug spray...)
  • Holiday (Items that are the same color/in season with Christmas, Valentines Day, Birthdays, etc.)
  •  Bachelorette (lingerie, makeup, lotion, perfume, sexy toys :) 
 Here's the final product!  Wrapped in cellophane and topped with a pretty bow (:

*Don't forget that tying the wrap with a twisty tie would be smart before adding the bow 

Here is another basket made for my friend, Shelbee! It was her birthday and she's a silly girl so she deserved a basket equally as silly... 


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