Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Elevator Madness


   Has anyone noticed that an elevator is the best way to make your "claim to fame?" I don't know about you, but unlike practically everyone I know (or at least it seems), I've never had 'the hook ups'.  I don't have any relatives that know someone that know someone, no friends that are bff's with a famous person, nothin'!  Despite this, I promise you, my life is still cool. 

     Anyway, this isn't even going to be that super exciting... BUT.  Today while I was at the gym, I watched the Miss Universe Pageant.  It was hosted by Planet Hollywood the hotel in Vegas. And guess what- Josh and I stayed there last week!  So naturally, I stood next to Miss Thailand in the elevator.  Here's the thing: I'm in Vegas.  A woman with a sash could mean several things in Vegas:

1) I'm drunk
2) I want to feel pretty
3) It's really my bachelorette party, but we couldn't find the right sash
4) ITS VEGAS, I can do what I want
6) I'm drunk

     Plus, there's a thousand pageants out there.... how did I know it was supposed to be Miss Universe??? I was bummed Miss Thailand didn't get into the Top 5, I felt like we had a connection in that elevator- even though we didn't talk.

     Now that you've heard my SUPER interesting run in with Miss Thailand- what about yours?  Anyone cool you've met, or stood next to, in my case, on an elevator?! 

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