Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Muffin, but with an 'S'.

     Many wonder how to say our last name.  I didn't know how to say it either for the first couple weeks we were dating... I just hoped and hoped that soon enough somebody would call out to him, "Mr. Musson!" while we walked around campus, holding hands like giddy teenagers.  Anyway, the way I like to explain it to people is to say "muffin" but replace the 'f' with 's'.  Simple as that :)

     So, who are we?  And how did this blog get started?  For a while, I pondered if I should start a blog.  I've never been the type to buy that new pair of vans because they're cool, or get those fluffy pants that everyone's wearing... I guess it's a pride thing.  But, after much consideration and a long list of pros and cons- I figured I've got nothin' to lose!  This is a fun, creative way to keep a record of me and my husband's new life together.  Besides a record of our lives, I am here to share, inspire, and laugh along with you.  I hope you enjoy taking a look around!  


I am a 20-year-old fun lovin' gal!  I would describe myself as quite jocular, yet knows how to keep it classy.  I was born and raised in San Diego, California to loving parents and an older, less loving sister.  (Don't worry, we love each other now).  Family and friends are a huge part of life. And with recently getting married, I love having a new, wonderful set of parents and siblings!  Aside from this, I am currently studying to be an elementary school teacher, although I did have plans to be a speech pathologist.  But, I have learned to never have your heart 100% on your own plans because you never know what will come your way!  So, once children come into the mix, we'll see if I can survive being a mother and accomplishing my Masters to become a speech pathologist, we shall see!


As for Josh, all the information regarding him, may be slightly biased because I may possibly think he's the coolest person in the world....  As do the rest of you wives/girlfriends with your husbands/boyfriends.  Josh is a 23-year-old gorgeous man.  We have a very similar sense of style, which I love- although I am NEVER able to pick something out for him.  This is when birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays get slightly stressful.  Anyone else have a tough husband/boyfriend to shop for?  Of course, if I bought him something, he would wear or use it... but would he love it? Not too sure; men are always tough to read.  Back to Josh.  He is the most patient, generous, and loveable person I know.  Josh is currently studying Health Science and hoping to get into Med School after graduating.  We hope to get into somewhere in Southern California, but we can't be picky so we'll take what we can get!    

PS.  The pictures are from our engagements together... a little cheesy, but the words on the chalkboard are our favorite thing about the other (:


  1. I've always wondered how to pronounce your new last name! Now I know!

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