Thursday, January 10, 2013


Let's cut to the chase.  Everybody likes to save time, money, and skip on the confusion- right?  Here's a few things that I have found useful in my everyday life... (:  Oh, and this is an accumulative post.  So every few weeks I notice something that helps ease my life a little more, and I add it here!

Never buy a backpack in store that you can easily get online!  I was at the BYU-I bookstore browsing through backpacks and I came across a Dakine backpack for $55.  Although for Dakine that's a descent price, it isn't for the Mussons!


Long story short- after a few minutes of looking online, we found this one for $32, shipping included,on ebag! I am one happy (and stylish) camper.  
Money saved=23 dollars.

P.S.  I wasn't going to buy this backpack because mine isn't completely broken, yet... but Josh surprised me!

Wheat Thins.
Ok seriously.  Who doesn't like Wheat Thins?  This isn't really a tip or trick, but just wanted to let all of you out there know that these babies taste EXACTLY like them.  And are on average a dollar cheaper!  So if you're a wheat thin lover like me, save 7 bucks a year then go crazy at the dollar store... I know I will!

 Necklace extender.  
For a while now, I've wanted to buy an extension for this necklace that I want longer. But, I couldn't get myself to do it.  I'm too cheap to buy one!  So I figured, why not use a bracelet as an extension?  I simply linked them together and boom!  A longer necklace (:

 Necklace + Bracelet = Long Necklace. 
Easiest math I've ever done!

Aaaand, somehow my hair went from light brown to dark brown in these photos.  Don't ask me how it happened- I have no clue!   

Being Healthy.
Wanna trick your stomach into thinking you're eating more?  Dr. Oz taught me to place the fruit to your cereal FIRST.  This way, cereal goes on top and your mind thinks you're eating more- Win!

Makeup brush cleaner.
Make it last longer by putting the liquid into a spray bottle.  This way just the right amount comes out every time.  Ps- Spray bottle is a dollar at Walmart.


Who likes to read the back of the bottle?  It seems there's nearly a billion little words on the back!  I often get confused between medicines of how many to take.  So I go to the back of the bottle and search for "Directions", call me stupid, but it takes me a good 10 seconds! haha So.... I wrote the amount of pills to take on the top of the bottle. DUH!

As a Christmas present to myself, I would always pick out a planner from Barnes & Noble, wrap it, and act pleasantly surprised when I opened it!  But guess what.  This year I couldn't find a planner worthy enough to enter my backpack!  I was pretty sad.  I tried Target, another Barnes & Noble, the internet, nothing worked...  So after Christmas I went back to Barnes & Noble to look again and picked my planner.  Once I got to the cash register- 50% off baby! This puppy was only $5.  So, lesson learned; from now on I will buy my planner AFTER Christmas and save 50%. (:



I don't know about you, but in my home with a family of only four, we had dozens of chargers.  We kept our chargers in the same location, which made it great to find, but impossible to sort through.  Solution?  LABELS.  Why didn't I think of this earlier?  Once again, if I wasn't a poor college student I would use my special little label maker- but due to limited storage and money, duct tape and a marker/pen will work for now!  
(Is there photo editing for better handwriting?;)

 Mobile pills. 
Alright so I hope I don't look like a little druggie with all my "medicine" tips, I just get nice, long headaches quite often and what girl doesn't need a little help with her monthly gift?!  So please, don't worry about me... I'm perfectly healthy.  Anyway, I found this contact case for $4 at JC Penney and I had to have it.  Just because you don't have contacts, doesn't mean you can't buy the case... right?!  So I use it as a convenient little case for meds... (:

We all know it's nearly impossible to get all of that yummy black stuff out of the bottle.  To get the most use out of your mascara, place it in a sink of warm water- this way, not only does it heat the mascara to get more out of the bottle, but the mascara is less clumpy when you apply it... Double bonus!

Yes, I took a picture of my mascara in the sink... Lash Blast!  My favorite.



  1. Lacey these are awesome tips! Gives me the idea of posting some tips of my own! P.S. You have amazing handwriting! I've adored it ever since you helped Jared Wolsey write that prom poster for me :)

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  2. I love Lash Blast too!!!!! :)