Sunday, February 17, 2013


Everyone can take a good picture of a sunset, so this post isn't to show everyone how "great" of a photographer I think I am... just a post to recognize how beautiful our world is.  While walking along an art market in San Clemente, I came across a picture of a sunset.  I asked the man at the stand about the picture.  He said it was created by a photographer who took a picture of the sunset every single evening for a whole year- then placed these photos into a collage of a giant sunset.  I absolutely loved it!  And although I may not be in the place that I would love to be to take on this challenge, it doesn't mean I can't start practicing... right? So, here we are!  Admiring some of God's wonderful creations... just for us.  

 Dec. 24, 2012- backyard

Christmas 2012- backyard

Dec. 26- Seaport Village with the lovely parents

Jan 1 2013- Del Mar
In case you were wondering why I took a picture of the cacti, it's a heart!  How sweet (: And if you look at the picture of the ocean real close, there's a dolphin.  These small things made this beautiful sunset even more enjoyable!

I couldn't NOT take a picture of this dog... something was eerie, yet funny about him/her.  And, of course, I had to get a picture of the surfers.  I hope to one day pick up surfing again.  But for now, I shall stick to school! haha

This sunset is the same one, taken later back at home!

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