Saturday, February 16, 2013


Happy Valentines Day to all!  Or S.A.D... I always chuckle at how ironic that acronym is, and for those who are unaware for what it stands for, it is Singles Awareness Day.  I must admit- I used to despise the day, I thought that it was silly to have a day for couples to tell each other how they felt about the other.  Shouldn't we be doing that every day?  Now I look at it as an opportunity for those who do not often express themselves to tell the other how they really feel.  This doesn't just have to be words, but through actions as well.  I've never been too much into the lovey dovey aspect of a relationship.  Of course it is important every so often, but I'm just more of a playful, fun lovin' type of person.  Poor husband, he is more romantic than me!  But I think that's what we need, to complement each other.

Now for our own Valentines Day, we didn't do anything too big this year because our 6 month anniversary is only a few days off and I'm expecting him to go BIG or go home on this one!  Just kidding... but I'd rather celebrate both than only on Valentine's Day!

As for our Day-
Josh made me breakfast in bed!  My favorite... french toast (: and sausage!

So, obviously I'm tired. haha but I bet Josh is even more tired because he woke up at 7 to make this!  That's early for us because we're more night owls than early birds. Along with breakfast in bed I got a card with a CAT on it- he knows me so dang well!

Along with an amazing card (all I needed) Josh got me exercise pants!  And I know this doesn't sound like such a big deal... but it is! You can only wear a certain type of pant in the gym at school and apparently all of mine were inappropriate- whoops!  So for Josh to go online and find a pant that makes me look FANTASTIC, props.  He made me one very happy girl (:

Now.  Time for my surprise for him!  HEART ATTACK TIME!

Luckily, because of my super impressive job as an assistant for an art teacher, I scored on a bunch of paper!  This way, I could spend the money towards something that Josh would really enjoy- CANDY!!! We all know men would just rather have food, right? I also got him ice packs for his shin splints and special bubbly water.  Just trying to be original.  So all in all, Valentines Day=nice and affordable for the both of us!

Oh, and in case you couldn't tell what's written on the hearts, it's everything I love about him!


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  2. Wow you two did well!! I love both of them. I'm so glad he made you breakfast. His dad loves to still do that for me. You are one lucky girl. And I love the heart attack So much work and it look so cute. And you are so right about candy for Josh. He loves his candy. He is one lucky guy. Thanks for sharing this with us. I love to see what you guys are up to.