Sunday, September 1, 2013


I'm pretty sure I start off every post stating that I haven't written in a while... once again, I will start this one off in the same way!  I think I keep on telling myself that things will get less hectic.  And they have!  I guess I just haven't gotten in the rhythm of posting often.  I shall try harder!

So, it's never too late to write about my birthday- right??  This year (on July 18th, remember that ;) I turned 21! And as most of you know, nothing toooo exciting happens when a Mormon turns 21... is that bad to say?!  But it's alright- my friends made it super enjoyable even though it was FINALS WEEK- worst present ever.  Despite that small detail, here's the good stuff: pictures!

The day officially started at 11:15- after my first (and least favorite) class of the semester ended.  It was bitter sweet to go to the class because 1. I severely dislike it and 2. it was the last day!!! This was my surprised face to receive a balloon:

In a mad haste, I was lead to the parking lot to my friend's car... her name is Shelbee.  There, I was gloriously showered with gifts.  These included silly string all over my body, a shot glass (which will be used for wild fruit juices), a grumpy cat necklace, a crown, and a seat cover that said "Happy Birthday!"  I was so impressed by the spot-on gifts.  They know me so well!

Soon after, Josh picked me up to bring me home to open my presents/cards from him and my family!  I arrived to a colorfully decorated apartment.  He is so good to me.  

Then I opened my cards..... CATS!

Josh got me lots of clothes.  He is an amazing shopper.  Call me a label whore- but I like VS! He also got me some stuff from Pac Sun (: 
Do you like our butts....?
Then Kayla came over!  She gave me THE cutest gift!  If it's hard to tell in the picture- it's a margarita glass filled with a whoopie cushion, bobby pins, ring pops, pb mnms, NAIL POLISH, and other unmentionables.  You know you have a true friend when they can pick you out adorable nail polish.  She is AWESOME.

 Then I went back to school, took a few more finals, and was ready to parrrrrtay!  We went to dinner and then a movie with the Conways!

 After the movie we went to the Conways and got a liiiiiittle crazy with virgin margaritas.  What can I say?  We like to live on the wild side...

And that was it for the day!  It was definitely busy... the next day I successfully finished my finals- then went to dinner with the whole group!  It's not truly a birthday without getting a free dessert... right?? (;

Aaaaand last but not least... ICE CREAM CAKE!!!

Thank you all for wishing me a great birthday.  It was wonderful!

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