Sunday, July 7, 2013


HAPPY FOURTH! I've been sad to hear on the news lately that this holiday is the "worst holiday of the year" and "shouldn't be celebrated because we should be looking towards the future instead"... I don't know why people feel that way, but I hope that people still look at the Fourth of July as a celebration of our nation!  Plus, who doesn't like a reason to watch parades, eat yummy food, and watch things explode?

Our day started off early (for us) with a parade at 10.  Yes, laugh as you may, but to be READY at 10- beauty cannot be rushed... ;)

Me, Kayla, and Kalei- I kind of feel left out because my name's not Kaylie, or something.

Colter, Josh, and Grant- taken from afar.  I kind of feel like they look like celebrities.  1) two of them are wearing hats (hiding from people) and 2) I may be biased because Josh is there and he's super good looking.

Here's some random pictures from the parade that probably not many people care about... but I think you'll get a better feel for Rexburg when you see these pictures.

 This is a giant shopping cart.  I probably shouldn't be advertising our local grocery store, Broulims, since their prices are reDONKulus.  But oh well, props for a cool float!

There were probably seven different floats, all with a dance team on them.  Who knew there were so many dance companies in Rexburg?!

Freebie Time.....

There were quite a few things thrown out to the crowd... otter pops, candy, t-shirts, kiwi loco (handed to me) and Colter's mini-sloppy joe.

I didn't have a picture with Josh and his freebie because he wasn't very adamant on receiving one.  Something you have to understand about Canadians is that they don't like freebies as much as Americans.  It's a fact.

I just have to show you how Mormon Rexburg is... there were three floats with the temple and a married couple.  Of course, I am a proponent of getting married in the temple- I just was a little thrown off because this would never happen in San Diego, haha!

 This old man was too cute not to put up.  There were several olden day tractors in the parade- Idaho loves them tractors!

One of the demolition derby cars- my favorite because 1) it says future elder (so Mormon) and 2) it has my lucky number on it! 18- birthday date, water polo number, and the day we were married.

 This girl, who PHOTOBOMBED.

And, last but certainly not least, a wonderful photo of us.  Josh is pulling off the "disturbed/confused" look while I sport the "Asian" look.

The parade lasted for over 2 hours... pretty crazy.  For the rest of the day, before going to Idaho Falls for the fireworks, we made our meals for dinner and then painted our nails (Me & Kayla- not Josh)!  I didn't get a picture of them, I'm kind of bummed... but they were of the Pinteresty type- without the perfection, of course (:

Once we were in Idaho Falls, we walked around and played games!  It was kind of fun to people watch, too.  There was a woman dressed up as the Statue of Liberty- it was intense!  No pictures of the people watching though ):

Here's the couples:

 Colter & Kayla

 Grant & Kalei

Me & Josh!  ...I can't ever get a normal picture with him.


I have more... but everyone knows what fireworks look like.

I hope this doesn't sound as a complaint- buuuuut, I was really really really really hoping for smiley face fireworks.  I was depending on those so bad, that when the finale came, I didn't even realize it.  I was like a little kid in a Disneyland line for a ride, later to have my hopes crushed when the music ended and people began to hurriedly pick up their chairs to beat the rush.  I can't explain the feeling, but I don't wish it on my worst enemy.

Other than that small detail, the day was great! (:


  1. Wow it looks like a great day!!! So glad you had fun and I have to say that not all Canadians have a problem taking freebies, it is just Josh. LOL And I would love to see a parade with temples and missionary stuff in it. Up here that would never happen. hahaha Thanks for posting and sharing your day with us.

  2. I loVed this one! You are a great blogger lace!

  3. Looked like you guys had so much fun! Haha not even Utah has temples in their parade holy cow! Josh, you need to learn to be normal ;) haha kidding! I love it! It makes things fun! :)

  4. Oh and I agree with Kayla, you're a GREAT blogger! :)