Monday, February 17, 2014

The proposal.

Anyone seen the movie, The Proposal?  It's one of my favorites.  You could say our story is quite similar.  Josh is from Canada, I'm from America... he needed to stay in the states to continue his education. La-de-dah-de-da.

Just kidding.  Everyone knows we're madly in love and we could never cheat the system like that.  The reason why I'm bringing this up is because two years ago on this date, we got engaged! Here's a little background to the day. 

Winter semester 2012, I was at my friend, Megan's place, and Josh was supposed to meet us that morning.  As noon approached, I started to get kind of frustrated with Josh!  He said he had "homework" but we always did "homework" together.  Don't ask me why I put quotations around homework the second time. 

Megan said we should go to lunch on campus.  I thought that was kind of weird because we had food at her place and I didn't want to spend money! Haha, but she insisted.  Plus, I'm always down for some girl time. 

We had a splendid lunch while I slightly complained that Josh was being shady about doing his homework alone.  On our way back, Megan tried to be as casual as possible by taking silly pictures together.  Here are some pictures that have never been exposed until now:
Side note: something I've always liked about Megan is that she got me out of my comfort zone.  Would I have ever climbed trees and hidden in bushes on campus before?  No.  She is truly amazing. 

We arrived back to her place and I opened the door.  There were lights on the floor so I tried to pick them up- I thought Megan's decorative lights had fallen.  I tugged and tugged but realized they were taped to the ground.  I had ignored Megan telling me to leave them until she opened the door.  BAM.

I thought this was a late Valentine's Day present.

Soooo... just a quick explanation of the sand: Josh said he wanted to propose to me on the beach since that's my favorite place in the world.  Since we couldn't get to the beach, he said he would bring it to me! Precious.

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