Thursday, February 27, 2014

Five MORE ways to make your hair last

Hey, all!  I got a positive response from my last hair post and I figured I would add a few things that I've thought of that I do to help make my hair last.  If you didn't get to read the first post, here's the link to the first five tips I shared.  Now let's get down to business.

1. When's the last time you washed your pillow case?  Think about that one time you had way greasy hair but were too tired to wash it before bedtime.  Is that dirt still lingering on your pillow?  You get the picture: cleaner pillow case = cleaner hair.

2. If you're lovin' your hairdo before going to sleep, hairspray it!  This may not apply to some people, but I typically sport a wavy look from braiding my hair before bed.  The next night, I want that wave to stay for the next day.  The nights I spray it, the next day I don't have to process my hair as much.  As mentioned from the last hair post, the less you process, the less you touch your hair and transfer all of those oils onto your hair.

3.  AVOID wearing thick headbands/beanies- at least on your first clean hair day.  In the last post, I mentioned to wear a headband to get hair out of your face.  You're saying, "What the heck, Lacey! You're contradicting yourself!"  But calm down.  There's a difference between a thin headband that keeps the hair out of your face and a thick, trendy headband.  I shall show you the difference:

The reason why I avoid thick headbands- except for the days where I don't feel like doing my hair- is because there's something about that fabric that doesn't like hair.  I've found that I need to wash my hair that very night.  Simply ridiculous.

4.  Clean your hair brushes!  Same concept as a clean pillow case.  I couldn't really say how often I clean out my brush, but it's important to take out that hair and place it into a sink with some shampoo.  I just leave it in hot water for 10 minutes or so, that should do the trick (:  

5. Don't use hair products/conditioner on your scalp!  These products have ingredients in them that attract oils.  Here's a great resource to help us understand more about these ingredients.  I use hair products/conditioner starting a little above my ear and down.  As shown below:

Tired of seeing this picture yet...? (:

P.s. There's TONS of hair tips out there- blogs, articles, and so forth.  You may wonder- why mine?  These are simply inferences based off observations that I have noticed throughout the years, mingled with some research I've conducted.  Don't I sound scientific? (:

But to be real with you, I don't find hair tips helpful from people who do not have the same hair type as mine.  What works for those with fine hair, don't work for my type hair and so forth.  Of course, there are always things that are in common with all hair types.  You just have to go out and try it!  You have nothing to lose, right?  ...Except for your hair.  Just kidding!

 To give you a better idea of what hair type I have, here ya go:

To get wavy hair, I braid it at night and the next day I don't need to do much to it.  So if your hair has the same reaction- I would say our hair types are quite similar!

Some of you told me you tried out a few things from the last hair post.  Please comment below and tell me what worked or didn't work for you!  We'd all love to hear from you (:

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