Saturday, March 22, 2014

Moving Sale!

Items for sale!  Prices are slightly flexible (; 

Ipod shuffle clips onto shirt/pants, 2 GB $30

 Newly refurbished Ipod, 30 GB $50

Canisters with tight lids, 3 for $15- SOLD!

16 piece knife set with scissors:
had for a couple years (slight rust), haven't had to sharpen yet!  
Will sharpen before we sell $15

Microwave used for 1 1/2 years works like new, $35

There's a before and after picture because I was quite proud of myself for making this!  It's cushioned and adorable- $35

Small Bookshelf $15- SOLD!

1 1/2 inch King-size memory foam pad.  Fits on Queen with sheets just fine $60

Queen- size feather mattress pad $45

36" Television- looking for best offer

Blurry picture- sorry!  Guitar comes with case, stand, & pick $110

Blurry picture- sorry! Great laundry hampers.  
Beige part comes out as a bag to carry to laundry machines
$10 for both- SOLD!

2 folding chairs $20 for both

Vases $1 for both

Subwoofers and Amp: $80 for both subs, $100 for amp or $160 for all three

Filing system- worked great through 2 years of El Ed and many papers!
Has compartment at top for papers and convenient hand holds on side $7

Desk lamp- super bright! $7

I'm willing to ship items, so if you would like to pay for shipping- make a deal! (:


  1. I would like to buy your ipod for $45. Does it work well?

    1. Hello (: It was refurbished a year and a half ago and I haven't used it often since (because I got a new phone that I use for music). I have another offer for it, so, I hate to say this- but are you willing to pay $50 for it?

  2. Hey I'm interested in your TV!!

  3. Please just contact through email at thank you!

  4. Hey! I am interested in your hampers. Would you be willing to sell them seperately? Feel free to call or text me. Tom 417-207-3842

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Spencer, it's an Epiphone guitar- it sounds great!

  6. where was all this stuff when I was furnishing my apartment?! You are so cute and therefore your things are so cute! I want like all of it!

    1. Haha Rachel- you're too sweet! Too bad you're so far away now... I would let you take everything! (;

  7. Okay if the bookshelf doesn't go through with the sale make me a backup!!!! LOVE IT it's perf for my room. idk how you would get it down here..i'm assuming you're selling bc you don't have room to bring it with you lol. At least teach me how to DIY an old Ikea one like that when you move to SD??? :) And my mother would like one of those hampers if that lady is only buying one. These pictures are so cute haha

    1. Hey Taylor! Unfortunately those are the only few items we already sold ): but if she's looking for the same ones- we got them at Target! And yes- we shall do some DIY projects this summer- IKEAS the best place to find things to make beautiful! haha

  8. Hi Lacey I'm interested in purchasing your knife set. Contact me: kaylatherivera at g mail .com

  9. Hi there! We'd like to take the lamp off your hands! Is it battery powered or can you plug it in?

  10. Hi there! We'd like to take the lamp off your hands! Is it battery powered or can you plug it in?

    1. Hi Jeff, sounds great! It's a plug in. Here's my number: 858 231 1717