Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Canadian Christmas

Aloha from Canada!  It's been such a blessing to spend time with Josh's family.  There's no better way to explain how wonderful it's been to spend the holidays in Brantford, Canada than to explain through pictures!

We arrived in the evening in Buffalo, New York.  It's much cheaper flying to New York instead of taking an international flight to Canada. 

The next day we went to go 5 pin bowling!  You will notice two things from the pictures directly below: 1) Josh always has better form than me 2) there are 5 pins.  It was a lot harder than I thought it would be!  Sometimes the ball would go in between the pins so you still got a gutter.  This was the worst score I have ever gotten bowling.  Thanks, Canada.

The next day was Christmas Eve!  It's Josh's family tradition to go to his grandparents and spend time with family.  His grandparents have put on quite the light display.  People come from all over to see them!  They're even in magazines!  This is officially my claim to fame (; It was pretty funny though- when we came out of the house to go back home, a little girl said to her dad, "you can go inside?!" I wish I could have told her to because the inside is just as festive!

This has nothing to do with Christmas but I've always loved the entrance of their home.  They're all faces of famous people!  So, naturally, I needed to claim my spot.

 The only cat I will ever have... since Josh is deathly allergic.

 Josh's grandpa welded everything!

That night, we opened our jammies that Josh's parents get the family every Christmas Eve.  

Of course, this post would be incomplete without a proper photo of the beautiful tree.  By the way- Canadians LOVE to place everything in boxes before wrapping anything. Who knew?  Maybe it's a lazy American thing, maybe not..

The day after Christmas we hung out with Josh's other grandpa and side of the family!  Grandpa Hartford is HILARIOUS.

Then, we went to Niagra Falls!  May I say, it is much, much colder than the last time we went in the summer haha.

This is a long walkway people can go down during the summer... I guess you could try during the winter but I think you would DIE.

This is us in front of our favorite arcade: The Midway.  It's the largest arcade I've ever been to!!

For New Year's, we went to the dance that was put on for the Stake.  As you can tell... NO ONE WAS THERE!!! So sad... I guess Canadians like to do their own thang for the New Year.  This precious little girl asked Josh if he could get down one of the balloons that was up towards the ceiling.  I kid you not... everywhere we go, little kids come up to Josh.  He's more approachable than me, I guess!  He gets along with kids so well it makes me feel so optimistic about his future in being a pediatrician and father. 

We then headed home to watch the ball drop on t.v.  I had to post this picture- by no means do I look good, but Josh's face is priceless.  Sometimes I have no clue what's going inside his head.

Aaaaaaand, this is somewhat how our New Years kiss went.  For those of you who are not fans of PDA, I warn you...

The next day we hung out with Josh's best friends (and their significant others) from childhood.... awwwww... Can I just tell you how identical he and his friends are?  Personality-wise, of course haha. We played all the good ole' games from the high school days: Rockband and sports at the church!  As you can tell in this photo, all the Canadians look so natural holding their hockey sticks.  I'm over here like: OH HEY!

The last day, we went to play golf! And guess what- I'm so mad... I forgot the score sheet as proof that I FINALLY won a game!!! This never happens because Josh is always better than me at everything.. Which is fine, I find that very attractive.  After, we headed to his grandparents' for a final goodbye.
Going clockwise from the upper left-hand photo:
1) Sherry got a hole in one!
2) We are weird
3) We are fish
4) I got a hole in one!  As you can tell, Josh is ecstatic for me.

We had such a great time in Canada and I'm happy I got to know his family even better.  Now, back to reality.  It will be our last semester in Rexburg and we are excited to see where we are headed once Josh gets accepted to Med School! 


  1. You guys are the best!! It looks like you both had a lot of fun!! I about died when i read/saw your guys' new years kiss hahaha so great.

  2. You guys are so cute! What a fun trip! And I agree with you, my kids loove Josh, he will be an amazing father and peduatrician.