Thursday, January 9, 2014

5 easy ways to make your hair LAST

Quite a few people have asked me how I keep my hair clean for more than a day.  People claim that their hair gets super greasy... and that they aren't able to go for more than a day without washing their hair.  While this is true, I believe many people haven't taken the measures to see what their hair can really do!  I have a few simple steps that I do to keep my hair lasting for a good three days.

1.  The first day of your clean hair, keep it pinned back so that it's not touching your face.  Sometimes I'll do a nice little poof or part my hair down the middle and pull the sides back.  By having your hair pulled back, it's not soaking up the oils from your face, which means that your hair won't get greasy so quickly.  Also, when it's pulled back, I've found that I'm not touching my hair to get it out of my face as much, therefore, not transferring the oils from my hands to my hair.

 This is a picture of day 3 without washing my hair... It might look weird in this picture because my roots are growing out- but hopefully you can tell that my hair still looks fresh!

2.  Try not to let the scalp of your hair rest against your significant other during the day/night time.  This sounds kind of weird, like I'm telling you not to cuddle, but of course there's plenty of different positions to rest your head!  I found that the majority of the time, I lay next to Josh and he rests his cheek on my head before we fall asleep.  No offense Josh, but the oils on your skin are transferring to my scalp- and I don't like it! haha. But really, it's the same concept as number 1.  The less opportunity for your hair to touch skin, whether it's your own or someone's, the longer your hair will last!

3.  Use that dry shampoo!  Before you go to sleep at night, spray dry shampoo on your part and the crown of your head.  By the morning, the existing grease on your hair should be soaked up and the shampoo will  either be completely gone, or still need a little rubbing in.  Be sure to spray the pieces right above your ears.  Those little whispies are notorious for soaking up oil.

4.  Shampoo twice.  Some may say... "What a waste!" but when you're shampooing twice so that your hair lasts twice as long, it evens out.  Plus, chances are, you're probably already using too much shampoo just for one wash.  Try using a little less the first time, and even less the second time.  You'll notice that your hair soaks up the second bit of shampoo a lot more than the first time.  The reasoning behind shampooing twice is here.

5.   When you workout, wear a headband!  Once again, keeping the hair out of your face and sweat will help your hair from soaking up unneeded sweat and oils from your face. 

A couple people asked which dry shampoo and shampoo/conditioner I use. Here are the links:

Suave dry shampoo
Loreal Shampoo/Conditioner

Any other questions? Feel free to ask!  I'm not a pro, but keeping hair happy and healthy has always been an interest of mine.  We can learn together (:


  1. Seriously, tried the shampoo/conditioner and I love it! My hair is so much happier!